Dearly Divided

by Dearly Divided

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"The highly anticipated debut album from California’s new darlings of the Epitaph / Fat sound from the 90’s. 11 tracks of thunderous drums, driving bass-lines and ripping guitars are the backdrop for the huge vocal hooks this album delivers. Get on this train early, as it shows no signs of slowing down."

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released March 2, 2015

All music by Dearly Divided.
All lyrics by Jamie Cairns except "Chasing Shadows" by Brian Manter
Additional vocals and guitar by Scott Goodrich
Produced by Dearly Divided
Engineered by Ben Hirschfield and Scott Goodrich
Recorded at Nu-Tone studios in January 2014
Mixed and mastered by Michael Rosen
Cover art by Matthew Hamlet
Graphic design by Janmarie Wright
Released by 45th Parallel Records and Morning Wood Records

Jamie Cairns - Vocals & guitar
Aaron Bruski - Drums & vocals
Brian Manter - Guitar & vocals
Brett Mathews - Bass

Dearly Divided - "Dearly Divided"
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Track Name: 89'
Dearly divided,
Here’s a new declaration
The people on the pavement are all walking backward
Simple spellbound souls
Content pretending they can go home again

If you want a message for the ones I've left behind
Tell 'em that I left my heart in ‘89

What now that all the leaves have fallen?
Wanting nothing more than to be gone and forgotten
I'm seething just to stop the bleeding
I don't pretend to know who's right but I'm still breathing

Taxing tragedy
Sometimes friends and apathy
Adults who act like children and the games they play
Have brought me to this ledge
I’m standing inches from the edge
I won't fall

I've learned how
to cash in all my disillusionment
Let your collapse be my entertainment
Track Name: Notes
We’ve spit venom and fire
We’ve fallen from high wires
We’re prisoners; shackled to words we can’t unsay
We’ve fled from the scene
We’ve poured gasoline
We’ve done everything to guarantee mutual self-destruction

There comes a time when lightning strikes
And everything is as it seems

Wish yourself back to a time
When we’d work to compromise
But those days are gone
Before we were wide awake
We would swear we could relate
But those days are gone

Regrets and reminders
To put this behind us
We can’t reclaim hours of any wasted day
We got what we wanted
Forgiveness forgotten
We made like we’re angels, but let devils steal our hearts away
Track Name: The Great Divide
Was it all in vain?
Is progress pain?
Every fire burning in me
Doused by reality
Battle lines crossed
Fine soldiers lost
Every single peace treaty drawn
Keeps us from moving on and so I'll say:

I guess I've learned my lesson

Clearing the dead
Wasn't in the plan
Here I stand embarrassed by my arrogance
Are we resigned to this great divide?
Do you lie there blinded by your arrogance?

I've had my say
Now washed this away
If there’s something else you want from me
All that remains is pity
Had to decide
To get out alive
Forever humbled by the time
Instinct led me in the wrong direction

I guess I've learned my lesson

`Clearing the dead
Wasn't in the plan
Here I stand embarrassed by my arrogance
Are we resigned to this great divide?
Do you lie there blinded by your arrogance?
Clearing the dead
Wasn't in the plan
Here I stand embarrassed by my arrogance
Are we resigned to this great divide?
It's fine. Die there betrayed by your arrogance
I guess I've learned my lesson
Inherited this arrogance
Track Name: Flawed
Here we are irritated, infuriated once again
At those who never get us
They’re spoiled, pretentious, alien
It might take a lifetime just trying to survive this, but I'm not giving in
And if you're not stopping, then I'm not saying when
I'll stand here screaming

I want:
Someone to lean on
Something to bleed for
A place to lay my head still
If they don't:
Hear me now, they never will
I’ll still be screaming
Some put their faith in gold
Let’s celebrate the gift of being flawed
They can have the world and fight it out
And if we're out in the cold
There we'll perfect the art of being flawed
The art of being flawed

We know passion and duty
Anguish and beauty all the same
And those who project perfection
Go on expecting us to change
It might take a lifetime just trying and imbibing to just keep ourselves sane
And if they're all winning then I won't play this game
I'll just keep screaming
Track Name: Broken
Here after years of apathy
We've found some common ground
Against a mutual enemy
The product of intersecting lifetimes
Now taking inventory of what we're worth
This blood is all we have
Allegiance- such a foolish notion
And yet we ply ourselves with idealistic dreams
Though so it seems
We all walk alone

I won't waste time trying to find out
Exactly what went right and what went wrong
Without regret, let's accept it and objectively admit what we are:
Still broken

Call it our curse although perhaps
Serendipity has placed us on divergent paths
Content leaving all arguments unspoken
Yet adept at blowing kisses, blowing smoke
Let's wash this from our hands
Or endure life with hearts left waiting
I'll end this make-pretend with my true colors showing
And forever find comfort and solace in
Knowing that
Track Name: Circuits
No coincidence or surprise
Always misery finds you waiting there
Exactly where she left you
Is it really just me
Who senses futility and foolishness
In wanting to survive to
Fight another day?

Thought we’d left this far behind
Now we’re running in circles again
How have we used this gift of time?
To reload and regress
Let my guard down and now I’m running in circles again In circles again

Maybe you’re out of touch
Maybe I think too much and hear this voice
That echoes and surrounds me
Maybe I need some space
Maybe it’s just this place that brings out the
Absolute worst in me
But I can’t get away
Fight another day (thought we left this far behind)
For what? We won’t be shown
If we really can be more than what we own
Fight another day
Track Name: 45th Parallel
The time has come to retreat
From cracked sidewalks and dirty streets
Complete with faded hearts and faded signs
Economic casualty
The virus of poverty
Laden with boarded homes and boarded minds
Where good things come to those who lie
I'll never be fine, but I won't be afraid
So strap me in for one last ride
I'll never look back, but I won't have to say I'm sorry

This thing is long beyond repair
But this I swear: this wave won't carry me down
Get past the malice and despair
And this I swear: this wave won't carry me down
And this I swear: this wave won’t carry me down

All Logic and honesty are slowly washed out to sea
But ignorance and indifference remain
And can time ever erase
The darkness around the place
Where loved ones turned to dust and blew away?
Where good things come to those who lie
I'll never be fine, but I won't be afraid
So strap me down for my last ride
I'll never repent, and you won't get to say you made me

Never look back again
Never look back to times when we were young,
Just smile and say so long
Track Name: Chasing Shadows
Shadows that still haunt me
From another time and place
A troubled soul now put to rest
Without leaving a trace
Your deeds are now but ashes
That drift away into the sky
Forevermore the rest of us
Can’t escape the darkest night

Lowered faces
Falling graces
Tears and empty hearts And wounds that never heal

Left behind- chasing shadows
Questions without answers-
True feelings never known
As I kneel beside the grave
Two years to the day
A withered rose and memories
Are all that remains

Gone but not forgotten
Truer words could not be said
Time turning pages of a book
That precious few have read
I can now take solace
I’ll see you again one day
When I become the shadow
That others have to chase

It’s fleeting
Hearts beating
Stories and photographs
That never fade away
Track Name: Ithaca
These flames flickering
Black clouds and bickering
Have fallen upon me where I live
I’m sure you don’t know what extent I would go
To finally rid myself of all of this

See I don’t ask for much
And all I need is one push

The state of foundation- decayed
And all ambitions raised have crashed down
This business of granting forgiveness
Bankrupted as veins have bled out
We’ve all bled out

So charming and wise
With disarming disguises- still these lies
Spin us round and round
I can see in your eyes
You don’t think I’ve the spine
To finally burn this thing right to the ground

But I want nothing more
Than to have nothing to stand for

The state of foundation decayed
And all ambitions raised have crashed down
This business of granting forgiveness
Bankrupted as veins have bled out
And I’ve got nothing left
Except pockets full of “should have saids”
And I’ll figure out this legacy on my own
Track Name: Monuments
Columns to congratulate
Ourselves on this mess we made
Hopes and golden glasses raised
We’ve waited so long
Tedious tranquility
Manages to agitate
We sprout wings and fly away
And we land right where we belong
All that I know

If what we are
Is another failed mutation
Unsuccessful adaptation
Lost our resolve and folded

So welcome to the penultimate page
Trapped in Caligula’s cage
Is it the remnants of our gilded age
Or fear that keeps us holding on?

This alone is what I know
It won’t be long

If what we are
Is another failed mutation
Unsuccessful adaptation
Lost our resolve and folded (What are we searching for?)
Don’t be afraid
We won’t live to see tomorrow, but we’re better off that way
All that remains
Are these lines that make no sense
To serve as monuments to what we are
Track Name: Vapor Trails
Another layover in hell
Choking antiseptic smell
Devotion dedicated to a frame
An empty room down the hall
A shattered glass of half-full
Collectively asking what we do now
I don't know

I really don't believe
In much of anything
But now I see

What you couldn't say
Painted blue and grey
And I know just where my home is
Rejoice in the rain
This fight's "to the pain"
And I know just where my home is

Determined to give it our worst
To break perceived bondage of birth
We ache for inspiration
So we drive
With our ideals in tow
We wait- for all we know
Tonight might really be the night we leave this all behind

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